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Monday, June 16, 2008

Ignite Philly roundup

Last week, in addition to the live WWDC coverage, we did a live broadcast of Ignite Philly. If you're not familiar with the Ignite format, the events allow people to present for precisely five minutes on any topic they wish, while backed by a Powerpoint/Keynote presentation, automatically advancing every five minutes.

I was struck by the breadth of offerings from purely technology projects like iSepta, to community efforts like The Food Trust, and plenty of hybrids of both like the 100K House project. It was great to say hello to TDL watchers in person, and get better plugged in with the creative minds in our own backyard. If there's an Ignite event coming up in your city, I'd highly suggest checking it out. For those in the Philadelphia area, check out ignitephilly.org to find the next Ignite event.

To get you through the work week, Here's a look at all the presentations from Ignite Philly:

Sean Buffington, The University of The Arts. Watch Video

Brian Lang, The Food Trust. Watch Video

Nic Darling, 100K House. Watch Video

Mindy Watts & Leah Murphy, Interface Studio. Watch Video

Randy Schmidt, Chris Conley & Jason Tremblay, iSepta. Watch Video

Sara Selepouchin, Etsy. Watch Video

Alex Hillman, Indy Hall. Watch Video

Marisa McClellan & Scott McNulty, Fork You. Watch Video

Kirstin Thomson, Future of Music Coalition. Watch Video

Blake Jennelle, Philly Startup Leaders. Watch Video

Rick Bannister, P'unk Avenue, Watch Video

Jeff Stockbridge, Photographer. Watch Video

Slavko Milekic, University of the Arts - Touch. Watch Video

Robert Cheetham, Avencia. Watch Video

NO CARRIER aka Don Miller, 8-bit music. Watch Video

Pete Tredish, http://prometheusradio.org/. Watch Video

Brittany Bonnette, Philly Bike Share,. Watch Video

Evan Malone, FAB@Home. Watch Video

Jeff Burk, Neat Receipts. Watch Video

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