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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Run! It's another box to attach to the TV!

Today Netflix announced along with Roku a new streaming video box. The new product is $100 and allows Netflix subscribers with a $9/mo plan or higher, to watch streaming films instantaneously on their TV.

Instant start.
Cheaper than Apple TV
More titles

Not HD (not yet, at least)
Requires Netflix subscription
Collection might be more quantity than quality

I say enough already. We may soon long for the days of one standard format: the DVD. While competition is generally a good thing, the streaming video / digital video marketplace is far too young for the types of battles that are taking place. Apple TV offers a smaller catalog than the new device, but focuses on newer releases. Roku doesn't do HD streaming. None of the movies are cross compatible from these two services, or other video boxes. Look at how the digital music scene exploded after the adoption of mp3 (and the associated piracy.) There are far too many restrictions, and far too few differences between the different set-top boxes to choose a clear winner. No solution is perfect, and unless the studios and tech companies can come up with a agreed-upon rental/purchase format, or at the very least, give all set-top box manufacturers the same rights, with blanket coverage of studio libraries for rental/viewing. Until then, this will continue to be one lucrative market with profit potential than return.

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