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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Five (Apple) Ways To Spend Your Tax Rebate

It's rebate season, and soon (if you haven't already) if you're a U.S. citizen, you'll be getting your $600 tax rebate/stimulus check. I'll decline commenting on the political side of this, and get right to something we can all agree on: here's a chance to blow $600 on items you might not normally buy. And so we present five different types of fun/practical packages you can buy with the money:

For the play it safe/ fiscally conservative types:
While not everyone's cup of tea, what better way for you to spend the money than on Applecare for your Mac ($149-349 depending on the model), AppleCare for the iPod ($59) and finally, a big heap of AppleCare for the iPhone. ($59) No, it's not exciting, and you might have three of the emptiest boxes available for purchase, but provided you bought all those toys in the last year, you'll be doubling (or, in the case of the computer, tripling) your warranty coverage. Never mind the fact that $600 could simply replace a broken iPod or iPhone instead. Total: $277 - $667.

For the mobile high roller:
Obviously there's the iPhone, but don't buy today: If the rumored AT&T subsidy happens, you could pick up a snazzy phone for $199. Then, grab the matching bluetooth headset ($129). Keep it safe in any of the dandy cases ($25) and double the warranty with AppleCare, ($59) Total: $412, then apply the rest to unlimited texting on your monthly plan.

Kitchen computer overkill:
Isn't time you could access the internet in the kitchen? Computerized recipes have been the promise of the future for about as long as the U.S. has been talking about going metric. Now you can live the dream! Refurb macmini: $499. keyboard: $49 mouse: $49. Third-party monitor: $150. Total: $747 Grandma's fudge recipe at the touch of a button: priceless.

Budding video star:
Final Cut Express: $199 One Year lynda.com training (review coming soon!) $250. Canon ZR830 miniDV camcorder: $199 Total: $648.

For the hesitant switcher:
Can't leave windows behind? Ok.. Windows Vista Premium $239. Parallels Desktop for Mac $70. Mac OS X reference manual $49. Mouse with scroll wheel/3 buttons $69. One to One training at an Apple Store: $99. Total: $527.

Have your own suggestions, funny or serious? Let us know in the comments,

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