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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

You got an iPhone or iPod For Christmas, Now What?

Santa brought his bag of goodies to your house and look what he left: A brand new iPhone, or iPod! For those of you who are new to the Apple family, welcome! For those who received a long awaited upgrade, well welcome to you as well!

Here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

iPod Clickwheel Owners: Congratulations on getting the tried and true clickwheel version of the iPod. The good news: You probably have far longer battery life, and far more storage than those iPhone and iPod Touch friends of yours. Who needs a touchscreen anyhow. The bad news: The clickwheel iPods do not play the games and apps found in the iTunes app store, but that doesn't mean you can't find games for your iPod. There's a section called iPod Games that's just for you. Nearly all the games are $4.99. Are they worth it? Well, we've compiled video reviews of all the games, so you can find out before you buy. Just click here. And another quick tip: it can be tricky to find a case for your iPod (especially the classic) since there have been so many slightly different variations on it. Either head to your local Apple Store / Best Buy, or we suggest one of these cases: If you want to run with your iPod clickwheel, check out the Belkin Neoprene Armbands. If you'd prefer a soft gel-type skin for your iPod Nano, then check these out.

iPhone Owners: Depending on your activation method, you may have had to know this one was going to be under the tree. Welcome to the iPhone club. You now own the device that changed the cell phone industry forever. If this is your first device to use the iTunes App Store, a word of warning. The reviews of apps on the site are notoriously unreliable. Pay more attention to the overall rating of the app, rather than individual comments. Most of the prominent comments just complain about price. Or better yet, check out our independent iPhone and iPod Touch App Reviews. If you need a case (my personal preference is to go case-less. I'm a rebel, what can I say...) I'd suggest a hard case like the Inspiretech Full Protect Case.

iPod Touch Owners: Look at you! You own the Cadillac of iPods! You tell the world, I don't need copious amounts of storage. I simply want the most functionality, and what Steve Jobs referred to as the "funnest iPod yet." First, promise you won't be upset if the storage increases, or the price decreases by late January. Promise? Ok, on we go. Again, the app store is a big part of what makes this baby purr, so be sure to check out our iPhone and iPod App Reviews. Just remember, not all of the apps work with the Touch, so be careful when buying. Again, a hard case is probably the best choice to protect your investment. Here's a great and tough option from Otterbox.

Apps worth checking out (check for compatibility with your device: some are iPhone only)

Pano - Turns your iPhone into a panoramic picture taking machine.

The Price is Right Game - If you enjoy the TV game, you'll love this version. It's a little pricey, but worth it for the fans.

Pandora Radio - It's free, and gives you a great way to discover new music.

Chopper - When we first reviewed this game, I wasn't thrilled. But since then, it's really grown on me. And it's a lot cheaper than it used to be.

AIM AOL Instant Messenger - It's not perfect, but if you want to bring AOL instant messenger on the road, this is your best option.

These are just a few starting points. There are thousands and thousands of apps out there, so subscribe to our video reviews (that you can then watch on your iPhone or iPod).

Enjoy your new toys!

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