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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Amazon App Review - Buy Now

Just made my first purchase using the Amazon app from the app store and it was flawless. Amazon got this app right and is now bridging the mobil device to e-commerce bridge. This app is revolutionary for both e-commerce as well as the iPhone / iPod Touch.

The Amazon app is free on the app store. The interface is simple. The home screen shows suggestions, allows you to start a new search or you can log in to your account. The next option is to start a search, followed by a cart button to view and modify items to be purchased.

Now, the next button called Remembers is really cool. The idea goes something like this . . .

1. snap a picture of an item
2. send it to Amazon
3. Amazon matches the item and presents you with results
4. you buy the item

Easily at hand was my BlackBerry Curve generously supplied by my day job. I have no interest in buying one or having one to begin with, but it was easily accessible. My first attempt to use this feature resulted in my 2G iPhone locking up. After a restart and a 2nd attempt, the photo was successfully uploaded and within seconds I received an email from Amazon stating I had results. Amazon thought my BlackBerry Curve was a BlackBerry Bold . . . not exactly correct but impressive none the less. This technology is similar to like.com where you can upload a photo and it will deliver search results based on the photo [like has an app on the store as well . . . review to follow].

The next option is called More. This screen contains Wish List, Account access (this is where you can find recent transactions, track packages, etc.), provide feedback, and see different terms of use (you know . . . the legal stuff).

I ordered a Griffin Technology TuneFlex Aux (review to follow once received). The app walked me through the entire process prompting me to enter different account information along the way. That's the beauty of the App. It's blatantly clear what you're supposed to do and it works.

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