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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jobs' Announcement May Explain Bland Keynote

We're all still digesting Steve Jobs' announcement that he will be taking a leave from Apple to care for his health issues that are, in his words, "more complex than I originally thought." First, it's worth noting that this was the suspicion of Jamie here at TDL from day one. I didn't believe it, and still don't want to. That said, this may explain why this year's keynote was so bland, and in a different way than you may have originally thought.

It is my belief that products like the iPhone nano, and the revamped Mac mini are ready, or nearly ready to debut. Apple may have taken a calculated risk: After all, if those new products were released, and Jobs left for an extended time, and Apple had nothing new to ship, what would people say? Apple can't make great products without Steve. Now, they can release these products over the next six months, and give the appearance (whether true or not) that the company can innovate perfectly fine with Jobs on the sidelines.


jamie said...

This is a very sad day for all Mac fans and tech lovers. Hopefully Steve will make a full recovery and return in June, but I have my doubts. The good news is there's a lot of incredible talented people in Cupertino and Apple is in much better shape now then when Steve left back in the 90's.

Mike said...

Jamie said it best. I completely agree.

Citizen Chance said...

Apple can't release great products without Jobs? How completely asinine. Steve Jobs may have a knack for recognizing good ideas and design, but he's not a one-man show. He didn't invent the iPod. He didn't design the iMac. He didn't come up with the idea to have the iPhone run OS X. He's a great leader, but Apple's success can only be credited to their talented designers and engineers.

ryanrit said...

Well, there's a pretty easy track record to check here. Look at Apple through the early 90's when Steve was gone. How did they do? There's no doubt there's talented people at Apple, probably the most talented group in tech. It takes a leader who can steer that talent in a coherent, cohesive direction.

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