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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If You Own Apple Stock, Look Away

(First the usual disclaimer that we are not licensed brokers, and our commentary on Apple stock is provided for entertainment only.)

Now then, Run for the Hills! Apple is starting the trading day 134.76. It hasn't been that low, since, since, has it ever been that low? Oh wait, it was in the 130's back in March...

So after the toughest day for the market overall in seven years, for Apple to not even fall to its one-year low... I think AAPL investors might be getting off easy. And if you're not an investor, that looks like a pretty attractive price to become one.

Of course, the trading day is young, and by the end of the day, we may see some ugly numbers, not seen in quite some time.

1 comment:

James Katt said...

I LOVE this stock downturn.
All this means is that I once again have an opportunity to purchase more Apple stock and make a killing.

Apple stock goes down every time Steve Jobs gives a public demo of something new. It is so predictable.

One reason is that there are masses of pundits and stock advisors who talk the stock down so that they can manipulate the stock price down in order for their clients to make money when it again swings up.

It is a perpetual spin cycle - Apple goes up - sell - Apple is talked down - buy.

Realizing this stock manipulation is happening, I am buying Apple stock like crazy.

The company is a money making machine. It is making profit in a down economy when others are losing. It is one of the few companies which is growing its market in a down economy. But it is also a darling for stock manipulators despite its very strong fundamentals as a company.

Thus, I look forward to every downturn of Apple. It is just another buying opportunity and an opportunity to make a killing on its stock. It is the only major stock which goes up and down like this. NO one seems to want Apple stock to peak and stay up. Why? Because they can make a lot of money when they buy Apple's stock when it tanks and inevitably goes up again.

It is so funny, I laugh all the way to the bank.

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